Hopi Ear Candles

Seeds of GrowthHopi Ear Candles is also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy.

The Hopi candle, a long hollow tube, is made from organically grown flax, extracts of honey, beeswax & herbs, which are believed to all have their own healing properties.

The hopi ear candles treatment includes a lymphatic drainage massage to the face using an aromatherapy bespoke blend, which can help to encourage & clear any sinus or fluid congestion.

Many people notice an immediate improvement to their symptoms after just one hopi ear candles treatment, although sometimes a number of sessions (up to 3 at regular intervals) may be required to ease an ongoing problem. For this reason a reduced price for 3 treatments bought together is offered.

Can help with:

  • hay fever symptoms
  • headaches & migraines
  • colds
  • excessive or compacted ear wax
  • glue ear or tinnitus
  • snoring
  • stress

I always use Biosun brand certifed hopi ear candles to ensure the safety & quality of the treatment you receive.

Some aromatherapy essential oils can be beneficial for ear, nose & throat related symptoms/conditions & can be helpful in relieving feelings of stress too. If you would like advice on what might be useful for you please just ask. These can be bought along with products such as an aromastone or aromatherapy diffuser humidifier (to allow safe vaporisation of the essential oils at home), at www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/cecilia


30-40 minutes / £30
3 treatment course / £80