Aromatherapy Massage

A bespoke prescriptive blend of essential oils will be made for your aromatherapy massage treatment following a consultation, to help to achieve a desired outcome; whether this be a physical or emotional goal – or both.

Image 1 GHSEssential oils are extracted from nature; flowers, leaves, fruit, stem, wood, bark, seeds, resin, berries, roots & they each have their own ‘medicinal’ properties. The aromatherapy massage bespoke blend which will be both inhaled & absorbed by the skin, can soothe, revitalize, reduce fluid retention, uplift the spirit, encourage positive thinking & boost the immune system enabling the body to heal itself.

It is recommended that the aromatherapy massage oil blend is left on the skin following the treatment for the remainder of the day if possible, or overnight is ideal. For this reason please wear or bring suitable clothing for after your treatment.

Aromatherapy essential oils & products made using them, can be bought online at & posted anywhere in the UK.


Full Body, Face & Scalp

75 minutes / £55
90 minutes / £62

Full Body

60 minutes / £47
75 minutes / £55
90 minutes / £62

Back, Neck & Shoulders

25 minutes / £30
40 minutes / £38

Legs, Thighs & Feet

25 minutes / £30

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage & Reflexology

85 minutes / £60